TRINITY CIRCLE is a fashion and garments oriented registered GSTIN Indian company founded in 2019 by Mr. Shahabuddin saifi

Trinity Circle is a full service design and manufacturer of cut & sew product

offering full Entertainment requirements, brand building, designing , FOB and

DDP packages to a global base of customers.

We specialize in High Fashion Garments, providing hassle free services at

fastest turn around time.

Our service range includes All entertainment needs ,Crew clothing ,Brand

Consulting ,Fashion guidance ,designing ,Graphic & tech pack development ,

E com & theatrics photoshoot ,Influencer & Celebrity endorsement , Fabric &

trim Sourcing ,multi process printing ,embroidery ,self applique ,garment

dying and washing ,Pattern development ,Stitching ,Quality Analysing ,

Packaging ,Revenue platforms ,much more…

Our design and product development teams ,located in Mumbai ,offer both

innovative graphic and forecast based designs and technical support. When

paired with our Sourcing and Development team ,we can offer a full

complement of services.

Our management staff have years of experience in producing a customer

oriented quality product with on time delivery in a worker friendly


We are dedicated to provide our employees a stable ,quality work

environment. We are fully compliant with customer’s standards in Social and

safety compliance.

Our doors are open to our customer teams.

We welcome any new and challenging opportunities as they motivate us to

examine all aspects of our business and push us to find better and more

efficient ways of accomplishing our goals.

About US

mission statement

Trinity Circle is dedicated to providing our customers with first class
quality, fashion forward garments in a quick turn product life cycle
at competitive prices. Our management philosophy and execution
allows us to be your ONE STOP SHOP solution for full package and
direct retail needs of Entertainment requirements, brand building ,
design ,cut and sew manufacturing ,packaging & revenue building.


TRINITY CIRCLE is basically divided into two major parts. one is designing outfit and another is production process. We work on every detailing process to create a premium samples and we process a great plan of action to delivery a premium production where our moto is to serve a nice quality into production and less costlier to our clients.  Here is a short brief about both the parts. 

best garment manufacturing


Understanding the main requirement for the brand and making a plan of action for this. according we work on illustration work, developing tech packs and creating patterns for design is a primary part for developing samples. After developing samples we proceed toward production part. 


After an approved samples, we work on fabric consumption, wastage into fabric and cutting process. our moto is to save the fabric wastage and make it less costlier to our vendor. proving a great stitching and quality work. we keep focus on quality checking for serve a great production output.
garments manufacturing


We are the leading a Mumbai based design and production company which is a one stop solution for all the designing work into fashion industry.  we have a great experience into fashion industry and we do understand the deepest thread of knitting a design. we are nothing but the best company to create great fashion designs. we make the finest plan of action of a brand building from its tech pack to deliver the best production. 

What we Do




Our creative team do illustration all the outfit’s details and create a finest tech peck for designs that create a base to developing and establishing new design. 



once we done the tech packs then we process toward developing pattern and making samples for our design. 



once we done all the technical things, we make production in bulk for the design which we created as a samples and create the finest plan of action to deliver a great production for it. 


we believe in creativity and experiments. our business propaganda is developing  our own unique design according to color forecast and making them bit experimental and classy. we are glad that we have worked with India’s top brands and known icons. 

why we are good for you

Because we are Badass

Because we will challenge you

Because we know what is at stake

Because we care

Trinity Circle has worked alongside fashion and entertainment industry providing fabric / textile , garments , designing and styling to numerous brands , startups , movies , web series, celebrities and fashion shows.

Trinity Circle has the infrastructure of 1500 square fit office space with 24 machineries and 35 employees, segregated as Designing team and production team.

Designing team consists of a team of designers assigned to do creative thinking and development , high fashion Karigars and all rounder masters to create any and every design which comes across.

Production team consist of efficient karigars and bulk cutting masters for chain system speedily production.

There is a separate QC and follow up team for minimal errors and better communication with the client.

Trinity Circle also has its own Label by the name of TRIENE for high fashion and commercial market.

we are aware of inside outside story of design and manufacturing into clothing industry

we spend our many years to understand the deepest points to create a successful brand into clothing industry. we know how to knit dream into reality. 

from making a plan of action to delivering a premium production for a brand is our aim and we know how to do this.

We help you Launch and revamp your brand in the market for better profitability as per the changing times.

With SWOT analysis and competition analysis we provide you a perfect mix of unique yet acceptable brand direction..

Consulting with expert NIFT alumni buyers and IIM business experts we come up with a plan for your brand to impact the market from the day of its launch.

Providing you with buy plan , target investment and profitable platforms, we will be hand holding your brand all along.

We will help you in presentations and business proposals for different business partners and supporters.

We will also create content , tag lines and motto of the brand,

All in all we will help you in image building and earning from it

Guiding you where to save and where to spend and timeline loop.

We are a leading and well known Indian company into design and manufacturing into clothing

We are associated with some great  name into film production houses, tv shows, corporates firm and retails. in a short spam of time we have delivered some of great projects into clothing industry. For deliver any challenging task TRINITY CIRCLE is having a big design and manufacturing setup with a talented team

We are hungry for challenging task